From deep down inside the underground......... THE BAD GIRLZ are here.

THE most unlikely phenomenon since the birth of electronica....The Bad Girlz are ingenious, Irreverent, Irrepressible and Inspirational they simply keep things 100% BAD.

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Live at Fusion Festival 2022



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Not only are these BAD GIRLZ, despite all odds, still alive and very definitely kicking...  They continue to fill dancefloors across Europe with genre-busting beats and ridiculous lyrics.  Their completely live set-up guarantees a unique experience every time.

An intoxicating blend of all the best beats - from techno and squelchy acid to breaks and DnB - guaranteed to keep your feet locked to the dancefloor, your spirit soaring to unexplored frontiers, and an infectious smile plastered firmly across your face. Immense basslines anchor free flow beats and rolling rhythms, lyrics skilfully sidestep the serious and plunge you into the heady realities of international raving mothers with attitude where it's always time for aperitifs and a slamming groove. Ixindamix and SimSimmers friendship was forged on the dancefloors of open air raves back in the early 90’s – since then they have both travelled the world on their individual missions, reunited in 2006 , they got back in the studio and have developed a unique and fresh writing style that draws from their life experiences. Their stage show consists of their tracks improvised in a Electro/ band crossover with live vocals.  It's different every time keeping the energy levels high on stage and more importantly on the dancefloor..... Fresh, raw, and deeply professional, the Bad Girlz have landed on a bass bin near you!



The Bad Girlz continue on their mission to create a BADDER world for everyone. This unique song-writing duo implicate the serious and the insignificant in six brand-new tracks that roll to the beat of harmony and understanding in these polarized times.


Take the Tram is a tongue in cheek study of Berlin life told through the eyes of an English girl who can't work out if she should take the Sbahn, the Ubahn or the Tram.  Part of the six track mini album titled 'BUILD BACK BADDER' And also available on Vinyl.